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“Let the Fun Begin”
 “It's Fair Time Again in Fort Bend County!

A kickoff Parade, turkey legs, carnival rides and rodeo action can be found at the 78th Annual Fort Bend County Fair and Rodeo. The fair runs September 26th to October 5th, 2014 at the Fort Bend County Fairgrounds. The iconic event allows families and friends to enjoy a hometown fair packed with big time fun. “Our fair represents many traditions from our youth that make us want to come back and enjoy it with our families today,” says 2014 Fort Bend County Fair President, Vickie Todd Autrey. “While we have many people who have attended our fair, we like to invite everyone who may not have had the opportunity to come out…we truly have something for everyone to enjoy.”

A special sneak peek night will get things unofficially started on Thursday, September 25th. Carnival rides will be in full operation starting at 6pm. Rabbit judging and a City of Rosenberg Fireworks display are scheduled for the evening.

And then there is Fair Day on Friday September 26th! Kids are out of school, some of us are off from work and the Fort Bend County Fair officially opens its gates for a 10-day fair run. Fort Bend County Fair Parade Grand Marshal, Jim “Mattress Mack” McIngvale, will lead the marching bands, horseback riders, fair queen candidates and the other parade entries down Highway 90A from the Historic Courthouse in Richmond into the Rosenberg area starting at 9am.

The fairgrounds will be home to a variety of activities that will be sure to draw in the young to old in fair-goers. From wine tastings at the Grapes on the Brazos wine room to lawn mower races in the arena, the fair’s schedule is packed with a wide range of entertainment.  The BBQ cook-off will have grill masters creating savory creations to aspiring student artist debuting their work at the art auction. And best of all, all this fun is close to home for all Fort Bend County residents and surrounding areas.

The Fort Bend County Fair has been committed to helping youth achieve their educational goals. Forty-two $3,000.00 scholarships and 5 Queen Scholarships were awarded this past year. For the first time in the Fort Bend County Fair’s 77-year history, the 2013 four auctions totaled over one million dollars.  Hence, this year’s theme is “Trails of Yesterday Leading to Tomorrow’s Dreams”.
“This is what the Fort Bend County Fair is all about, it's about our youth, it's about our future,” boasts Todd Autrey. “We try to better people, they are our future leaders,” she adds.

The musical headliners for the 2014 fair represents top Texas Music acts to traditional country music icons. “It’s an unbelievable range of talent that we have in this year’s line up with the consistency of the one thing being great music and entertainment,” says Susan Sillavan, Fort Bend County Fair Manager. “You will not want to miss one of our concerts, its just that good!”
Kicking off the fair is the veteran of Texas Music, chart topper, Kevin Fowler. Fowler is known for his high energy, crowd-pleasing sounds that only he can perform.  “I’m looking forward to it, Fort Bend County get ready…we are heading your way,” says Fowler. Opening for Fowler will be the baritone voice behind the electrifying smile of Houston native, Justin van Sant. Texas native and Aggie alum, Granger Smith, takes the stage with his talented twist on traditional country music on Saturday, September 27th. Check out the one on one interview with Granger in this newsletter. Opening for Smith is Red Dirt music’s favorite son Brandon Rhyder.

Go Tejano Day is set for Sunday, September 28th.  The Grammy award winning sensation, La Mafia, will headline the festivities. The Houston based band is internationally known for their Latin sounds and true traditional licks.  Also performing is the pride of South Texas, Los Palominos.  Their unique Tejano sounds will be sure to have the crowd thrilled.

For the fair’s second weekend, Steve Wariner will bring his guitar playing, song writing and vocal talents to our fair. Wariner has been producing country hits since the late 70’s and had a string of hits in the ‘90s that created him a lifelong fan base. Get to know Wariner in an up-close and personal interview in this newsletter. Amber Digby and her distinctive traditional sound will open for Wariner. Jason Boland & The Stragglers hit the stage on Saturday, October 4th.  The Oklahoma native, keeps to his traditional music influences but is not afraid to pull in his own distinctive sounds. The Uncle Lucius Band will open for Boland with their unique, rockin' sound.
The unmistakable, established sound of Moe Bandy closes out our fair on Sunday, October 5th.  The legendary singer will bring his memorable classic country hits to life for what is sure to be a spectacular performance.

Retuning to the Fort Bend County Fair will be a match roping between two gigantic, multi world champion cowboys, Cody Ohl and Fred Whitfield.  Ohl and Whitfield have both accepted an invitation to match rope on Wednesday, October 1, 2014. See you at the fair!



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“Ohl vs. Whitfield”

Get your ticket now and witness history, when the CINCH Challenge of the Champions II presents Cody Ohl vs. Fred Whitfield, in what rodeo enthusiast are calling an epic match roping. As of this writing both men are still in the hunt for the top 15 in the PRCA standings to make the National Finals Rodeo.  Cody is sitting 15th and Fred is placing 20th.

Ohl and Whitfield have squared off in a Challenge of Champions match roping at our fair in 2004. Ohl won the bragging rights that night and leads in other matches between the two, but Whitfield edges him out in career Gold Buckles. All summer long we have followed both legendary, superstar ropers as they hit the rodeo trail. Now both men will test each other’s athletic ability and mental game on Wednesday, October 1st as they match rope during the Chad Thames Invitational Calf Roping.

“I don’t care if we are pitching washers, when you have those names involved you don’t want to lose,” says Ohl about competing in the match roping in the county where he grew up. Whitfield who is no stranger to Fort Bend County and won the PRCA calf-roping title at our fair in 2012 says, “It could be the 10th round at the NFR or a game at the carnival we are all going to be going for it.” The competition is sure to be a fan favorite and will draw a large crowd to the Fort Bend County Fair. Fairground gates open at 5pm and roping action is set to start at 7pm.



Challenge of the Champions...


Joe Beaver... "What You Can Expect!"

Joe Beaver recently sat down with the Fort Bend County Fair. He was scheduled to call the action at the upcoming match roping between Ohl and Whitfield but he will no longer be able to attend. PRCA Veteran, Boyd Polhemus will be calling the action. He did however share his analysis of the epic arena battle.


A word with Joe B. –

“It is a definite that Cody is going to have the edge. He is younger. He ropes a lot of matches still. Fred hadn’t roped a lot of matches in the past few years. He is older, but whatever. It goes down to when you have two guys who are matched in their game like that, it is almost like John McEnroe and Jimmy Connors is to tennis. Those guys know how to play the game.


The guy that misses or the guy who breaks the barrier, it is the mental mistakes that lose match ropings for you, not the roping ability and that’s usually, 99% of the time. Sometimes you put two guys together and one can’t catch.  But when you put those two guys together, it is not the guy that is not catching, it usually going to be the guy who makes a mistake. The first guy to make a mistake…you can count on to lose.”

Well Cody Ohl is the most mentally tough, for a guy to pick up a rope maybe ever. He has a mental game that is out of this world. You know he is tough.  He came up right under the watchful eyes of Leo Ohl…that son of gun was tough. And he believed in being a tough, hard knocks type of guy. Cody won’t weaken; he won’t weaken if the calves are strong.  He is strong and he will feed off that.

Fred has roped enough matches to know that he has to let Cody rope his game. He has to be just smart.  And get good cattle, and score good, rope next good and wait on Cody to make a mistake. And by the halfway point if he hasn’t, then Fred will turn his game up and come on with it.”


Entertainment Line-Up

• 9-26 Friday – Opening night Kevin Fowler with Justin van Sant

• 9-27 Saturday - Granger Smith featuring Earl Dibbles Jr. with Brandon Rhyder

• 9-28 Sunday – “Go Tejano Day” La Mafia & Los Palominos

10-3 Friday - Steve Wariner with Amber Digby

10-4 Saturday - Jason Boland & The Stragglers with Uncle Lucius

10-5 Sunday - Moe Bandy

Complete Line-Up Schedule at:


Granger Smith...
Featuring Earl Dibbles Jr.

Granger Smith will be returning to the Fort Bend County Fair on Saturday, September 27th.  In early 2015 Smith will be coming out with a new record. This Bleed Maroon Aggie is promising a huge night of fun. He recently sat down with the Fort Bend County Fair and gave us his thoughts on his upcoming concert, his family and his future.


“Our show has evolved a lot in the last few years, I kind of know what to expect from the Fort Bend County Fair and what to bring them we have a lot of new stuff that we are doing right now on tour.

How to put on a memorable show, how to put on a show where people can leave and say I have seen a lot of shows and haven’t seen one quite like that one before, that’s always my goal. Our goal is a team effort.

One of the toughest questions to answer for an artist is to describe their music, but it is evolved from traditional country music … I grew up listening to George Strait and kind of basing my style on him and its evolved from there into a neo-modern version of traditional country music… simpler lyrics, melodies and choruses.  

My music has become my life, I have become one with music, I have done music in my life more than I have not done music in my life. It is hard to remember life without music.  Music is…it’s become Job. It’s a Paycheck for my family. It’s become my emotion. It’s become hobby. It’s  an adrenal rush.  It’s my way to relax. And it has become an avenue in so many different ways for me to unleash my passion.

One thing that will be always be with me, till the day I die is songwriting. The performing part has a shelf life of some sort and that’s just the way the entertainment business is at one point, one day the younger, newer generation will replace the old. I will still be at home writing songs.

Alter ego. When it comes to Earl Dibbles Jr…there are some similarities.  It is so easy, flip a coin and I am back on the Earl side. I can go to that side of my brain so easy. When it is Earl, it's a collection of stories that my family has told me over the years it is easy to go back to those catalog memories and pull them out.  He is in the fabric of whom I am and in the fabric of a lot of people’s lives.

Acting.  In my wife’s life she loves it, she loves the acting world, I don’t have huge aspirations, I love music, and I also love, doing the Dibble skits.  I am not staying up late at night wanting to be in a movie one day.

We do have a new baby in the house. The three year old is a lot more work than the baby at this point.  I look at writing differently being a combination of being Dad and seeing the world a little bit different and as I am getting older, having a little bit more of experience to go on and draw back on the stories I write about. It is also a combination of us doing more a Nation wide consistent touring…where we are out in all different places of this Country seeing these crowds and …writing for them, and seeing what their stories are. The young farmers in the Midwest and ranchers on the West Coast and seeing their stories helps draw a lot more out of my songwriting.

All the years I have been doing music, kind of something I have always thought about are bringing generations together, you want the wild kids up front and then I want to write the songs, my grandmother liked. She always hears all my songs. I wanted that respect from the older people too, it is a fine line to walk sometimes.”


Steve Wariner...
A Class Act

It is said a song can bring you back to a memory. Steve Wariner is one of those singer songwriters who has created so many memories through his songs. “Some people will come up and say we got engaged to this song or we danced to that song for our wedding,” Wariner shares. The singer songwriter who is known for his guitar playing talents will be playing on Friday, October 3rd at the Fair and promises to have a show packed with his iconic hits.  “Well I am going to be doing some old Steve Wariner hits,” he jokes in third person about his upcoming concert. “Some of my favorites and I mainly will stick to my life in songs and all the hits.”
Wariner’s hits include, Some Fools Never Learn and The Weekend. “Those two songs we will for sure be on my set list,” he shares. “And a lot of guitar, my show is all about having a good time.”

Wariner is a legend in Country Music. His career started at the tender age of 17 as a band member for Dottie West. “I would dream at night about one day playing on the Grand Ole Opry,” he explains. He adds, “If it can happen for me from a little farm town, my family…we didn’t have a whole lot, so if I can do it, any young person can do it. I am really grateful. I have done more than I could have ever imagined. Dream big and go for it.”

In 1997, Wariner was between labels but had penned Garth Brook’s hit, Longneck Bottle. Garth asked Steve to come out to do the Tonight Show in Los Angeles with him.  While flying in Garth’s plane, Wariner was listening to his headphones of his recent song he had written. “Garth said, ‘hey can I have a listen', I said sure,” says Wariner. "Holes in the Floor of Heaven was one of the songs and when the song ended, Garth looked at me a little teary-eyed and said 'what about this song'. I said, I was in between labels,” explains Wariner. The rest is history, Wariner signed a deal with Garth’s label and was on the radio. Wariner boast, “Then boom next thing I have a song coming out on Garth’s label, Capital. Garth liked it and latched on to it and it was on the radio with in a week.”

Amber Digby will open for Wariner. Digby is known for her traditional sound and will set the tone for a night that promises to be a good time for all!

Rodeo Royalty Named...   

While William and Kate are growing their family across the pond, here in Fort Bend County we are naming a few royals of our own! Congratulations to all of our contestants. Bravo to the committee for a job well done! And a special thank you to the parents!

Presenting the 2014 Jr. Fair Royalty Court:

Left to right:
Fair Prince, Nolan Pederson
Fair Princess, Saige Sowa

Jr. Fair Queen, Aschlen Harborth
Fair Duke, Heath Harris
Fair Duchess, Rosalan Rule


Just for the Kids...
Something for all ages.

Calling all kids…even the infants. The Fort Bend County Fair has something just for the kids! Cook-off, crawling and being creative are just a few of the qualities that you can show off! Here’s a look at scheduled events just for kids. For more information on any of these events visit our website at...

Lil’ Wrangler BBQ Cook-off
The 3rd Annual Lil' Wrangler BBQ Cook-off will take place on Saturday, October 4th.  The Lil Wranglers BBQ Contest is for children under 16 years of age and all spaces have been filled for this year. Contestants will compete is 2 categories - Pork Chops and Open.  The Fort Bend County Fair will provide each contestant with 2 Pork Chops, BBQ Cooker, charcoal, seasoning and sauces.  The contestants will get to take their BBQ Cookers home.  The winner in each category will be announced at approximately 12:00pm at the Texas Stage.

Pets on Parade
Fort Bend County students up to age 14 are invited to bring their favorite pet to compete in the annual Pet Show at the Fort Bend County Fair on October 4th at 11:00am.  All pets are welcomed --- furry or feathery, we love them all.  These pets will be strutting their stuff on stage as they entertain the spectators with their costumes and tricks. Registration of Pets: 9:30 A.M. – 10:30 A.M, trophies and ribbons will be awarded.

Home Economics
Sew It, Grow It, Show It...
The School Youth Department is open to Fort Bend County students ages 5-18 years old to compete and exhibit their work.  Entries must be made individually in the classroom and entered as a representative collection of work by the teacher.  Students will be divided in four age categories.  Exhibit Building D will be open to the public daily during the Fair until 9:00pm.

Student Fun Day
September 26th kicks off our Fair, students have a day off from school and the Fort Bend County Fair is hosting a Fun Day! Fort Bend County students - Kindergarten thru 12th Grade will compete in good, old fashioned games in the O.D. Tucker Arena.  Winners will receive cash awards for their efforts.  All students who are registered are eligible to win a bicycle and other door prizes.  Drawings will be held after the completion of the races. To enter, show up early on September 26th because the activities will begin at 1:00pm. Registration opens at 11am.

Diaper Derby
This event will sure to have the crowd cheering on their favorite crawling baby.  The infants will compete in our 3rd Annual Diaper Derby which will be held on Saturday, September 27th at 10:30am.  Contestants must register and check in at 10:00am.  There will be 2 age groups for this competition - 7-9 Months and 10-12 Months and the race will be on to see who can crawl to the finish line first.

The first 25 contestants to register will receive a Onesie compliments of TEXAS DIRECT AUTO.  There will also be an award for Cutest Diaper.

Stick Horse Rodeo
Hot rodeo action as Cowboys & Cowgirls ages 6 and under compete in a simulated rodeo performance on Saturday, October 4th riding their stick horses.  This year's rodeo features four events.  Registration begins at 10:00 am and the competition begins at 10:30 am.

Children’s Tractor Pull
Children ages 8 and under are eligible to compete in the Children's Tractor Pull.  Contestants will be peddling a tractor with a sled as bricks are added to the sled during the course.  The winner will be determined by who peddles the tractor the longest distance.  Registration will begin at 2:30 pm.  There is no fee to enter this event.

Bucking Betta
Mo Betta Rodeo Co.

Rodeo action is set to be elite. Mo Betta Rodeo Company owned and operated by Maury Tate will be debuting at the 2014 Fort Bend County Fair. “I want to bring the stock that bucks and give every contestant a fair shot at a chance to win,” says Tate. “I want it to be a smooth rodeo.” Mo Betta’s team includes, five time NFR Bull fighter, Dusty Tuckness. Tuckness is a familiar face to many in the Houston area for his bull fighting talents during  RodeoHouston.  Welcome to the Fort Bend County Fair!

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Livestock Corner

Thursday September 25th – Rabbit Show

Friday September 26th – Turkey Show, Commercial Heifer, Goat Show

Saturday September 27th – Broiler Show, Steer Show

Saturday September 27th - Commercial Heifer Auction

Sunday September 28th – Swine Show

Monday September 29th – Roaster Show

Tuesday September 30th – Lamb Show

Wednesday October 1st – Scramble Heifer Show

Thursday October 2nd - Junior Livestock Auction

Friday October 3rd – Bucket Calf Show

Saturday October 4th - Freezer Sale

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