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Rosenberg, Texas

Boots & Buckles on the Bay
Casting for Cash!

Anglers, bait, and fishing lines will be hitting the water at the Fort Bend County Fair Association’s Second Annual Boots & Buckles on the Bay fishing tournament. Teams will be competing for over $5,000 in cash and prizes on Saturday, May 16th in Matagorda.  The fishing tournament is one of several events that are held throughout the year to help bring awareness to the Fort Bend County Fair and help raise scholarship monies.


Last year, nineteen teams braved windy conditions and choppy waters to catch redfish, trout, and flounder. Casting the lines was a bit of a struggle but the fun and the prizes made the catches all worthwhile. Bald Eagle walked away as the Grand Champion team. “We did not catch a lot of fish, but the ones we did catch here today were the right ones,” said Clayton Wessels about his team’s winning catch last year. He revealed, “When I saw that I could win a buckle, I have never seen a buckle for a tournament, I don’t rope calves or I don’t ride horses, so if I am going to win a buckle it is going to be fishing.”  


The event is sponsored by Todd Armstrong Shows.  Armstrong has entertained our fair with his Carnival for years and has always been a loyal supporter of the Fort Bend County Fair.  

Men, women and children will be casting their lines and hopefully reeling in the catch for the cash. A captain’s meeting will be held on Friday, the 15th at Poco Plya in Matagorda. Entry forms and tournament rules for the fishing tournament are available on the website.

See you on the Bay!



Richard Harris
Moves to Lifetime Director

In a recent letter to Fort Bend County Fair's President Margaret Kunz and the 2015 Fair Board of Directors, longtime Board Member, Richard Harris shared his decision to become Lifetime Director. Harris has been a staple member of the Fair Association and pillar of strength to the Fair Board.  Lifetime Director is available to any director who has served at least 15 years on the Board of Directors and has served as President. Harris has served as a Board Member for 32 years.

Below we share Richard’s letter...

Ms. Margaret Kunz, President
Fort Bend County Fair Association, Board of Directors

Dear Ms. Kunz and Board of Directors,

After serving 32 years as Director of the Fort Bend County Fair Association, please accept my decision to become a Lifetime Director.

It has been a truly rewarding experience to serve as Director.  I have served as Director-in-Charge of the Barbecue and Culinary Cook-off (19 years), Reunion Youth Rodeo (15 years), Fair Queen Contest (1  year), Sponsorship Committee (2 years), AQHA Horse Show (3 years), Ranch Rodeo (8 years) and Grand Entry (32 years).   I have served as Co-Director of the Reunion Youth Rodeo, PRCA Rodeo, Sponsorship Committee, Scholarship Committee, Food Concessions Committee, AQHA, Rentals, Beer Concessions, and Tickets and Passes.

In 1983 as President, I began the proceedings and plans to build the arena cover and finalized the contracts for this project upon leaving the Presidency. The cover was finished before the 1984 Fair.  During my Presidency, I combined the Beauty Queen's Contest and the Fair Queen's contest to become simply the Fair Queen's Contest in an effort to add scholarships for participants, funds to sponsoring organizations, and additional funds to the Fair Association.  This was also the beginning of the Style Show event.  Although [ met some controversy the first year, it has proved to be one of the best events of the Fair.  As President, I started the first Committeemen's Party in recognition of all our volunteers.

Also, under the Presidency of Mr. Cecil Willis, I established the Sponsorship Committee as we know it today, providing the first levels of participation, the first Sponsorship brochure, and the first Sponsorship Party recognizing all contributors and providing them with plaques, tickets, and various tokens of thank-you.  Our first year brought in approximately $110,000.00.  In 2003, my wife and I started the first Live and Silent Auctions at the Annual Life Membership & Committeemen's Party.


I thank each and everyone for your support throughout my tenure and know that you will continue to be a huge success in all you do for the Youth of Fort Bend County!


Richard A. Harris

Congratulations to Richard Harris…

Becoming a Fort Bend County Fair and Rodeo
Lifetime Director is well deserved!


Who is our Steer Show Judge?
Up Close Q&A with Dr. Chris Skaggs

Dr. Chris Skaggs is confirmed to be the 2015 Fort Bend County Fair’s Steer Show judge.  Skaggs is no stranger to stock shows; he serves as superintendent of the intercollegiate livestock judging contest and the steer show at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. He also serves as assistant superintendent of steer shows at San Antonio and the State Fair of Texas. As Associate Dean for Student Development in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Texas A&M University, Skaggs continues to devote his professional and personal time to live animal evaluation.

Here’s an up close with Dr. Chris Skaggs:

Q & A:

Q. What advice do you have for those wanting to show steers at the 2015 Fort Bend County Fair?

A.  Steer showing requires a major commitment of time and resources. However, it is a richly rewarding exercise, which brings families closer together. The daily care and management of steer projects for over a year instills a sense of responsibility and work ethic in exhibitors. You watch the steer evolve from a 600-pound feeder calf into a 1200-plus pound market steer. As a judge who showed steers growing up in the 4-H and FFA program and as a parent to a child who currently shows steers and heifers, I recognize the importance of the show as a chance for exhibitors to show off to the public what they have been so diligently working with over the past year.    Consequently, I like to take my time judging to handle and study every steer to ensure that each one gets a fair assessment.  
Q.   Why is it important for you to bring awareness to the opportunities that Ag and Life Science education brings to students?

A.  Agriculture is life and as an Associate Dean for the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Texas A&M; it is my mission to expose students to the multitude of opportunities and careers in agriculture and life sciences.  We have 14 departments in our college that cover the gamut from sciences in Plant and Environmental Soil Science, Animal Science, Horticulture, Poultry Science, Wildlife and Fisheries Science, Bioenvironmental Science, Entomology and Ecosystem Science and Management to life sciences in Nutrition and Food Sciences and Biochemistry and Genetics to business in Agribusiness and Agricultural Economics to social sciences in Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communications and Recreation, Parks and Tourism Sciences to Engineering in Biological and Agricultural Engineering.  

Q.  If you could name a few things you look for as a judge in steer show, what would they be?

A. Product orientation is important, so I look for muscularity.  Market readiness is important, so I look for finish or fat cover.   Structural correctness is important, so I look at how the steer stands and walks because structure ultimately impacts growth rate. Steers must be balanced to have showing appeal.  I look for straight top lines and depth of body and flank.  
Q.  Anything you would like to add?

A. The beef cattle industry is trending to heavier market weights so market weights of 1000 to 1400 pounds would be deemed acceptable.


Kasey's Journey
Queen Candidates Registration Opens

Is royalty in your blood? The search for the 2015 Fair Queen is now underway. Contestants interested in participating in this year's competition have until July 26, 2015 to register. Recently, our reigning queen, Kasey Lane Bronsell sat down with us and shared her journey as 2014 Fort Bend County Fair Queen, in hopes to encourage young ladies to compete for the crown.  “My reign as FBCF Queen has been the most exciting time of my life! I love going to all of the events and meeting everyone as well as being a part of something that gives back to the community," boasts the petite blonde who loves working on automobiles and celebrated her birthday this month. She adds, “As queen I have had so many experiences that I would have never dreamed of.”


As queen, part of her duties is to make appearances and serve as an ambassador of Fort Bend County Fair and Rodeo.  Last month, Kasey, rode in RodeoHouston’s grand entry. “Riding in the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo was so much fun! Like most grand entry's it went by pretty quick but the atmosphere of the entire stadium was amazing,” says Bronsell.  Excitedly she adds, “It was one of my favorite activities as queen so far!”

The Fort Bend County Fair Queen Scholarship Contest is for females between the ages of 15 and 19 who are residents of Fort Bend County. The competition runs from July 26th to September 25th and is based on ticket sales, an interview, a style show performance and participation. Kasey's advice for girls who are considering to run: “I would tell them to go for it! The competition is so much fun to be apart of, and whether you win or not, you receive scholarship money and experiences that you can take with you throughout life.”

Kasey should know, it took her four years to earn her crown, “The 1st year I didn't even know the contest existed! I was super shy at the time, but I loved the experiences I had,” admits Kasey. “It definitely brought me out of my shell.  I even joked to my mom that I could run a total of 5 times if I wanted to! The fair was always my favorite time of year and the more I learned about what it meant to be queen and give back; the more I wanted to be a part of the legacy. Becoming fair queen quickly became my dream,” she adds.

Winners receive scholarships and prizes for their efforts, as well as the opportunity to serve as a community ambassador for the Fort Bend County Fair for the coming year.

Beginning August 1st, you will be able to purchase your Fair Tickets from your favorite Queen Candidate. If you have any questions or need further information, please contact the Fair Office at 281-342-6171.



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Livestock Corner

Save the dates for Fair 2015... September 25th – October 4th.

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Bucket Calf Mock Tag In May 16
Goat Tag In July 11
Lamb Tag In July 11
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Rabbit Tattoo August 20

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