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Scholarships Awarded
Diversity of Students Represented

Agricultural Science, Civil Engineering, and Biomedical Sciences are a few of the majors being pursued by the 2015 Fort Bend County Fair Association's scholarship recipients. The scholarship reception held on May 6th, 2015 awarded forty-two scholarships plus nine Queen scholarships totaling $160,930 to youth representing high schools from all over the county. The money awarded has doubled in just two years, thanks to the hard work and vision of the Board of Directors. The recipients' involvement with the fair is diverse: they raise animals or are art contest participants, marching band or ROTC members in the parade, rodeo contestants, and fairgoers.

B.F. Terry's Ja'Kierah Coleman participated in the parade as an ROTC member and is a 2015 scholarship recipient. She encourages all students to apply for a Fort Bend County Fair and Rodeo Scholarship and to get informed about the qualifications. "I was in 4-H when I was younger, but never showed an animal at the fair. Do not automatically assume you have to be in 4-H or have to show not get discouraged, see if you are qualified and you might receive one just like me," exclaims Coleman. Coleman plans to attend the University of Texas at San Antonio and will be studying to become an anesthesiologist.

Craig Todd, however, has been showing livestock since he was in the third grade.  In fact, Todd was a charter member of the Needville Jr FFA and is currently serving as its president.  The Needville senior says, "I have showed many different things at the Fort Bend County Fair.  Some of those include rabbits, pigs, lambs, heifers, and my favorite steers.  They have all taught me life lessons, and I even have a few battle scars to prove it.  The Fort Bend County Fair will always be a part of my life, and I know when I am grown, I will look back at all the fond memories that I made showing and being with my friends."  Todd will be pursuing an Animal Science degree eventually at Texas A&M.

The scholarships are a result of money raised by the FBCFA and its various committees' fundraising efforts such as the Go Tejano, Mutton Bustin', and Grapes on the Brazos committees.  Scholarships are available to high school seniors and college students who are currently enrolled in college in five categories: Restrictive, Non-Restrictive, Open, Vocational and Art.

This year we asked each of the Scholarship recipients, "How did the Fort Bend County Fair impact your life growing up or with being the recipient of this scholarship?" Here are the responses we received...

Name: Demi Arellano
Age: 18
College: University of Texas in Austin
Field of Study: Civil Engineering

I have many memories of going to the Fair. Growing up, it was always a treat when it was fair time because we'd get to miss school, ride rides, eat amazing food, and have a fun time with our friends and family. This scholarship has lightened up my burden of paying for college and has given me the strength to keep working hard on my studies.

Name: Sarah Ramirez
Age: 18
College: Houston Baptist University
Field of Study: Majoring in Christianity

When I was younger, I always competed in the Fort Bend Country Fair's horse shows, baking contests, and art contests. I am truly honored to receive this scholarship!

Name: Nicole Jones
Age: 18
College: Blinn College
Field of Study: Majoring in Agriculture Science

The Fort Bend County Fair has impacted me by getting me out of my comfort zone and teaching me so much. Not to mention the number of friends and memories I have made.

Name: Peyton Noser
Age: 18
College: Blinn College
Field of Study: Construction Science

My name is Peyton Noser, and I am 18-years old. I plan on attending Blinn College in Bryan to study construction science. The Fort Bend County Fair has impacted my life greatly. It has taught me many things about agriculture through being in FFA, and it has taught me to be a respectable man from being around all the people I've met through the Fair and FFA.

Name: Reese Jones
Age: 18
College: Texas A&M University - Kingsville
Field of Study: Wildlife and Ranch Management

My name is Reese Jones I am 18. I am attending Texas A&M Kingsville in the fall. I plan on studying Wildlife and Ranch Management. The Fort Bend County Fair has impacted my life greatly. I have met many new friends over the years from the Fair, and I have also had many memories here. From the first time showing my first animal (a goat named Jay) to the last show I was in, the Roaster Show for which I won a 10th place. I loved the concerts they had. They have very good taste in music! No matter where you were on the Fairgrounds it was always a fun and exciting atmosphere that I will miss next year. But hopefully I will come and watch my little brother Wyatt in the Roaster show next year! I am very thankful for the scholarship I have received. I will remember this for many years to come. I am so blessed to live in Fort Bend County.

Name: Craig Todd
Age: 18
College: WCJC/Texas A&M
Field of Study: Animal Science
I would like to share one of my fondest memories at the Fort Bend County Fair was in the year 2012.  My steer's name was Aggie and he was awarded Grand Champion AOB Steer.  I was beyond thrilled.  That particular night I had no idea what the auction was going to be like that year.  I have been there when the Champions do well and have also seen it when they didn't do so well.  This certain night was extraordinary, Aggie and I entered the sale ring and the auction was on.  I heard the auctioneer say $15,000 and them $19,000; I was thinking could this be?  He finally hit his gavel and yelled SOLD $29,000.  I had just broke a Fort Bend County Fair record and sold Aggie for a whopping $29,000.  I was beside myself.  I have put some of that money aside for my college expenses and used some to buy other projects.  That is a night I will never forget.

I have showed many different things at the Fort Bend County Fair.  Some of those include rabbits, pigs, lambs, heifers and my favorite steers.  They have all taught me life lessons, and I even have a few battle scars to prove it.   The Fort Bend County Fair will always be a part of my life and I know when I am grown I will look back at all the fond memories that I made showing and being with my friends.  I would advise anyone that asked my opinion about being a member of such a wonderful organization like the FFA that it was all worth it.  I have learned so much about leadership, work ethic, and what importance it is to having a good character means. I hope to one day return the Fort Bend County Fair and donate my time to volunteer at the Fair and give back to those who have helped me.   I feel like I am a very well rounded individual that will prosper from this scholarship.  

Name: Logan Matthew Hirsch
Age: 18
College: Sam Houston State University
Field of Study: Agricultural Engineering with a Minor in Secondary Education

The County Fair has been a large part of my life ever since I was little. I have always looked forward to competing and enjoying the Fair every year with livestock. With my parents being lifetime members, we have always been involved in the Fair even before I was able to show.

Name: Nicole Renee Stevenson
Age: 18
College: Texas A&M University  
Field of Study: Petroleum Engineering

Without the Fort Bend County Fair, I would not be as involved in agriculture. They gave me the opportunity to get my first heifer through the calf scramble, and now I am in the process of building my herd. The opportunities that the Fair gives to the residents of Fort Bend County are tremendous. Even before extensive involvement through livestock the Fair has been a part of my life, and it will continue to be a part of my life for years to come.

Name: Bethany Copple
Age: 18
College: Wharton County Junior College
Field of Study: Pre-Dental

My name is Bethany Copple. I am 18-years old (19 in June). I am finishing my freshman year this year at Wharton County Junior College at the Wharton Campus. My major is Pre-Dental. I showed turkeys at the Fort Bend County Fair for three years, and I competed in arts and crafts for many years. Both the money I received from showing turkeys and from the FBCF scholarship has helped me and will continue to help me cover the cost of college, allowing me to attend dental school in the coming years.

Name: Megan Grahmann
Age: 18
College: Texas A&M University
Field of Study: Petroleum Engineering

The Fort Bend County Fair impacted my life growing up because I raised many animals for the Fair. I raised three lambs and two pigs. The Fair was like a second home to me during the livestock show. I spent many long hours there taking care of my animals. I am grateful for my wonderful experiences with the Fair.

Name: Madison Michelle McVey
Age: 18
College: Texas A&M University
Field of Study: Biomedical Sciences

I've been participating in the Fair since before I was born. My grandfather is a lifetime director, my mom was an Ag teacher for 8 years and all of my aunts, uncles, and my parents raised animals when they were in school, naturally, the spirit of the Fair runs in my blood. Being a livestock exhibitor has taught me responsibility, dedication, and perseverance among many other things. But most of all it's given me the opportunity to create life-long memories that I'll carry with me for the rest of my life.

Name: Megan Simmons
Age: 18
College: Texas A&M University
Field of Study: Environmental Geosciences

Having always lived in Fort Bend County, I've experienced the Fort Bend County Fair in many different ways, with Rodeo Art in elementary school, to baking, arts and crafts, and photography in junior high and high school, to competing in the calf scramble my junior year and being able to show livestock during my senior year as a result of that. The Fort Bend County Fair has always inspired me to try new things and compete at a higher level, and for that I am so thankful. I have a lot of determination and motivation to succeed in any task I take on, and I attribute that in part to growing up attending and participating in the Fair. Receiving this scholarship has been such a blessing because it helps allow me to receive a top-notch education at Texas A&M University and achieve my dreams.

Name: Megan Emiliani
Age: 18
College: Texas A&M University
Field of Study: Biomedical Science

I showed a lamb in 2013 and a goat in 2014 at the Fort Bend County Fair. Being at the fairgrounds strengthened my family's bond. We grew closer from spending all this time together, and I realized just how much they love and support me. My parents, brother, and sisters stayed by my side and were always prepared to lend a helping hand! The FBCF scholarship is kind of a way to thank my parents for their support. The scholarship will also help me get the good education I need to get into medical school. Thank you, Fort Bend County Fair for providing experiences and support that lead me towards a successful future!

Name: Tucker Anthony Novosad
Age:  18
College: Texas A&M University
Field of Study: Civil Engineering

The Fort Bend County Fair helped me realize the importance of having a committed foundation of volunteers to make the Fair a success.  That success helps out more than just exhibitors.  It helps provide the community with educational opportunities and fun.  That same success supports the incredible scholarship funds the fair gives out. I am honored to receive one of these scholarships, as it will help me fund my college education and this next journey in my life.  

Name: Clayton Gardovsky
Age: 19
College: Wharton County Junior College
Field of Study: Animal Science

The Fort Bend County Fair has impacted me through showing beef and poultry since I was in the third grade. Through showing livestock, it has made an impact on my life to continue to promote agriculture. That has also led me to continue to pursue my goal to become an Ag Teacher upon graduating college.

Name: Chandler Sebek
Age: 19
College: Texas A&M University
Field of Study:  Construction Science

Being a participant of the Fort Bend County Fair not only taught me the definition of hard-work, dedication and leadership, I learned how to be responsible for something other than myself by raising show goats each summer. The Fair brought out my competitive drive and determination to achieve more, allowing me to grow up throughout high school. I am very thankful to be a scholarship recipient as this will help to cover my rising college expenses and proves that in the end the long hours at the barn, late nights at progress shows and early morning feedings have all paid off.

Name: Jordan Janke
Age: 19
College: Texas A&M University
Field of Study: Animal Science
I participated in the Fort Bend County Fair by showing broilers, roasters, show heifers, a pen of two commercial heifers and also successfully participated in the calf scramble.  Having these experiences from third grade through my senior year in high school have helped me gain experience, responsibility, and provided me with lifelong memories.
Name: Stephanie Money
College: University of Texas - San Antonio
Field of Study: Biology

The Fort Bend County Fair is what I look forward to all year long ever since I was 10-years old. The carnival rides, the rodeo, concerts and my favorite, the animal shows. FBCF impacted me so much as a young girl and drove my interests towards FFA. FFA has impacted me and taught me life lessons I never thought were possible. From public speaking, Ag mechanic competitions, raising animals and making new friends, I am beyond thankful for the experience I had. The FBCF has given me a place to show off my hard work and dedication. Without being involved with the FBCF, my life would not be the same. It has made me realize what I have a true passion for and I can only hope everyone else finds a passion and love like I did through the Fair and FFA. I am beyond thankful for receiving a scholarship, as it will help me pursue my dreams of becoming a Veterinarian and giving back to the community. I will forever be a Fort Bend County Fair lover and hopefully in the future I can donate to help more students receive scholarships.

Name: Arlene Garcia
Age: 17
College: Texas A&M University
Field of Study: Nursing

With the scholarship funds that the Fort Bend County Fair has generously provided, I will be able to take better advantage of all the opportunities that the university experience offers. This includes experiences that are sure to expand my leadership potential, an extremely important aspect for health care workers who must develop the proper character, discipline, and scholarship to appropriately care for patients. Funding will also help me to focus on advancing my education instead of finding employment opportunities to pay for tuition. In addition, funding from the Fort Bend County Fair Scholarship has helped eased my family's financial burden of having to pay the rising costs of college.

Name: Brandy Schochler
Age: 19
College: Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi
Field of Study: Business Management

Being involved with the Fort Bend County Fair has given me a better understanding of my role in the community. Because of the FBCF I have been able to meet a lot of great people and everyone involved with helping the students have impacted the lives of many. It has also improved my leadership skills and my attitude towards volunteering.






Who Is Our Swine Judge? 
Up Close Q & A With Brad Bevel

Brad Bevel is confirmed to be the 2015 Fort Bend County Fair and Rodeo's Swine Show judge. Bevel is a familiar face to the Fort Bend County Fair; he also served as the 2014 Swine judge. He is currently the Agriculture Science teacher at Stamford ISD and is a graduate of Tarleton State University. He has been judging for 23 years, all across the Southwest.

Q & A:

Q.  What advice do you have for those wanting to show swine at the 2015 Fort Bend County Fair?

A.  I would encourage you to contact your Ag Teacher / Extension Agent and get a plan for the project.  Plan a good feeding program and daily care regimen that will result in a project that is ready for the show.

Q.  You are returning to our Fair as swine judge, what are your thoughts on our pig show last year?

A. I thought the 2014 show was a very competitive affair. Great hogs and super kids exhibiting those animals. I really enjoyed working with Mr. Kulow in the ring as well. Really had a good time and look forward to returning.

Q.  If you could name a few things you look for as a judge in the swine show...what are they?

A.  A few things I look at in evaluating a market hog are: feet and legs- stout legged correct design is a must; width of the skeleton- look for one that is as wide coming as they are going away; designed correctly and balanced from the profile; fresh, muscular, and shapely but maintaining enough condition over the rib and carcass; and quality skin and hair.

Q.  What is your advice for kids pursuing Agricultural Education in college?

A. I would encourage any student that has had a good experience in their high school programs to pursue an Ag Ed Degree. It is a great way of life and one I wouldn't trade for anything.

Q.  Anything you would like to add?

A.  I really look forward to working with the wonderful staff and officials you have in place at the Fort Bend County Fair as well as the great group of exhibitors that will be on hand.

Tight Lines
Boots & Buckles on the Bay

Big time, big catches and a big thank you to all the teams and sponsors who came out to the 2nd Annual Boots & Buckles on the Bay fishing tournament.The four member team, Frickin Fishin, won top honors and bragging rights being named Grand Champions. Sixteen teams battled to lay down the lines to catch redfish, trout, and flounder. Storms passed over late Friday but by Saturday rain clouds had disappeared.  Several teams returned from last year. Save the date, May 14th, 2016 for next year's rodeo on the water!

2015 Overall Buckle Winners... Team: Frickin Fishin


Thank You to Our Tournament Sponsor...
Todd Armstrong Shows

Bring on the Entries!
Tag-In Time...

The Fort Bend County Fair held the Commercial Heifer tag-in and Bucket Calf mock tag-in on May 16th. Entries across the field are up for the 2015 Fort Bend County Fair and Rodeo. Thirty-seven pen of two, twenty-five bucket calves and twenty-one halter heifers will be making their way to this year's fair.

Jason Cleere will serve as the Commercial Halter Heifer Judge and as Showmanship Judge. Pen of Two Heifers Judges will be Jason Cleere and Billy Schwertner.

Commercial Heifer show is set for Friday, September 25, 2015. Bucket Calf Show will be on the following Friday, October 2, 2015. See you in the show ring!



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Save the dates for Fair 2015... September 25th - October 4th.

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