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Interim Fair Manager Named
A Familiar Face Steps Up

She stands about 5’3, has long blond hair, has been known to wear a cowboy hat, and typically has an answer for everything Fort Bend County Fair related, Cindy Schmidt has been named Interim Fair Manager. Cindy is a familiar face and a long-time supporter of our Fair.  Her smile is as constant as her presence at her desk in the Fair office. Hanging starched jeans and western shirts are a typical sight in her office, along with Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion banners during the Fair’s run. 
Committee Chairmen often hear from Cindy year round. Her emails serve as a reminder that the Fair just doesn’t happen in September. Her requests for committee member lists, office supply needs, golf cart and radio inquiries are just a few things that Cindy has done effortlessly in her role with the Fair.
What you don’t see is the smile Cindy has when she hears a child she has seen grow up wins first place or the tear she may shed for one when things don’t go their way. Cindy’s heart is faithful to the Fair, and her knowledge is extensive to the operations. 
“She (Cindy) will be valuable as we continue to plan and prepare for the 2016 Fort Bend County Fair, we are all working on it to be the best,“ says 2016 President Neil Yelderman. The search for a permanent Fair Manager continues.

Cindy with Office Staff, Jackie and Celina

Get to know Cindy in this Q&A: 
Q. Cindy, you have been named Interim Fair Manager, can you give us your years you have been involved, employed and various duties you have held with the Fair since you've started? 
A. In 1990, Darren encouraged me to join the Livestock Committee helping mostly with the commercial heifers and residue avoidance. A few others and I helped start the Freezer Sale Committee and participated there for many years.  Next, it was off to the Fair Club Committee, Hospitality Committee and Decorations Committee, leading me to become a Life Member in 1996. I started working here in 2008 as the Fair’s secretary and have loved my time here ever since.
Q. You have been committed to the Fair for many years, as also your husband Darren, why do you choose to remain a constant supporter? 
A. Darren and I both grew up in Fort Bend County and are proud to give back to the community we’ve been a part of most all our lives.  We truly believe in the Fair’s mission statement… Benefiting Youth, Promoting Agriculture, and Supporting Education.  It’s such a good feeling seeing all the kids we’ve helped over the years come back with their own kids that are now participating in the Fair.
Q. Can you share your favorite memory of the Fort Bend County Fair? 
A. Too many memories to count is an understatement, but I’ve got to say that some of my most favorites were sitting on the curb on Morton Street in downtown Richmond watching the parade with my grandma. Then that night my dad would load up the station wagon and drive us to the fairgrounds to watch the fireworks show.  Family and Fair…doesn’t get any better!!
Q. What is the one thing you have learned about the Fair that others may not know? 
A. Preparing for the Fair is a yearlong effort. When I came to work here, I felt that being involved with the Fair for so long would make it easy for me to step into place…boy was I wrong!!  There are so many behind the scenes things that have to happen to make this Fair run smoothly.  Getting everything ordered and entered and set up…trust me it doesn’t magically happen that’s for sure!!
Q. Any words you like to share about outgoing Fair Manager, Susan Sillavan Forbes? 
A. Susan has infectious energy that I could feed on and it really helped keep me going.  She’s taught me so many things and introduced me to so many people, and for that I am extremely grateful.  She has truly been an asset to this Fair and I am so glad that we’ve been able to become friends. I’m going to miss her!
Q. Fair food is always a favorite… what is your favorite? 
A.  All of the Fair’s food vendors are top notch, which makes it hard to pick just one, but if I had to choose, the jalapeño corn dogs have my vote!
Q. Anything you would like to share about your transition into the new role? 
A. I believe that with everyone’s support and understanding, the transition will be seamless.  The Fair staff is an awesome team of hard working, dedicated ladies and our Fair’s Director’s and committees are by far some of the most hard working committed people around.  Susan is leaving a large pair of shoes to fill, and I’m going to do my very best to keep things going without a hitch.



It was an exemplary mix of talent among the 2016 Fort Bend County Fair Association’s scholarship class of recipients. Students with Junior Livestock experience, active band members, and even a Valedictorian were among the college and high school students honored at the May 4th Scholarship Reception. Forty-two scholarships and five Queen scholarships, totaling over $150,000 to youth representing high schools from all over the county, were awarded. 
Needville High School’s Shane Poncik is not only a phenomenal athlete he is the 2016 Valedictorian. Shane refers to the Fair as a “family tradition”. As a 2016 Fair scholarship recipient he shared how he and his family had enjoyed the Fair since he was a little boy and says, “I never showed an animal here, but I did compete in the livestock judging, the Fair will always be part of my life.” Shane plans to pursue a Mechanical Engineering degree at Texas A&M. 
For other scholarship recipients, showing animals was a way of life.  Tucker Anthony Novosad is currently bleeding maroon as a freshman at Texas A&M. “The Fair taught me about hard work, responsibility, sportsmanship and how important community service is. I started showing livestock at the Fair from the age of 9 and until I was 18 years old,” said Novosad. Tucker is pursuing a Civil Engineer degree.  
President Neil O. Yelderman kicked off the reception by thanking the board, the students, and their parents. He then shared a simple story about making your bed every morning that he shared from U.S. Navy Adm. William H. McCraven’s University of Texas’ commencement speech, “If you make your bed every morning, you will have accomplished the first task of the day,'' he said. "It will give you a small sense of pride, and it will encourage you to do another task, and another, and another. And by the end of the day that one task completed will have turned into many tasks completed. Making your bed will also reinforce the fact that the little things in life matter.” The life lesson the Yelderman cleverly conveyed, “when you do have a day that goes wrong you come home to a made bed ready for you; giving you encouragement that tomorrow will be better.”

The scholarships are a result of money raised by the FBCFA, various committees' fundraising efforts and individual sponsors. The Go Tejano Committee, Grapes on the Brazos Committee and sponsors such as Westmoreland Concessions and Kunz Farms have given back by generating or donating scholarship funds.  The scholarships are available to high school seniors and college students who are currently enrolled in college in five categories: Restrictive, Non-Restrictive, Open, Vocational and Art.
This year we asked each of the Scholarship recipients, "How did the Fort Bend County Fair impact your life growing up or with being the recipient of this scholarship?" Here are the responses we received:
Scholarship Recipients
Name: Madison McVey
Age: 19
Current School: Texas A&M University 
Field of Study: Veterinary Medicine - Biomedical Sciences 
Being a part of the Jr. Livestock Show growing up taught me many valuable lessons such as, perseverance during hard times, time management, and responsibility, all of which have helped me succeed during my freshman year at Texas A&M. 
Name: Chris Flores-Lopez
Age: 19
Current School: George Ranch High School 
College: Texas A&M Kingsville
Field of Study: Agribusiness 
It's been part of my life ever since I've been part of the FFA, the memories I've shared with my AG teachers and peers are unforgettable, I don't think I could have gotten the experience anywhere else.
Name: Demi Arellano
Age: 19
Current School: University of Texas at Austin
Field of Study: Civil Engineering
This scholarship has helped me see the value of supporting events like the Fort Bend County Fair. Before, I wasn't aware that many of the proceeds went towards providing scholarships to students within the county. Now that I am a recipient of one of their scholarships, I try to convince my peers to attend and get involved with the Fair. Also, this scholarship has helped relieve some of my financial stress while attending college. I can focus more about my education and less about how I will be able to pay for it.
Name: Marighney Hanzo
Age: 18
Current School: Clements High School
College: Concordia University Texas
Field of Study: Nursing
The Fort Bend County Fair has definitely impacted my life in an immense way. Working with my animals and attending shows has taught me responsibility, time management, and commitment. Being a recipient of this scholarship is truly a blessing, and I would not have given up this opportunity for the world!
Name: Claire Pickett
Age: 18
Current School: William B Travis High School
College: Blinn College transferring to Texas A&M University
Field of Study: Agricultural Science
Growing up my parents always took me to the Fair, and that's where I first learned about showing livestock and the livestock industry. When I got into high school, I knew that was something I wanted to do. Raising those animals taught me lots of hard work and responsibility. I was very fortunate to be able to raise animals for my county, and then to receive a scholarship for it, I'd like to think it is my parent's way of congratulating me for all my hard work. They were never able to see me raise or show any of my animals, but they taught me at a young age that if it was something I wanted to do, and I put my mind to it, I could reach my goals.
Name: Alaina Swallers
Age: 17
Current School: B.F. Terry High School
College: Texas A&M University
Field of Study: Accounting
The Fort Bend County Fair enabled me to have a safe place to go and enjoy spending time with friends and family. I've always enjoyed watching the rodeo and looking at all the livestock that my friends were showing. Ever since I was little, it was my dream to show pigs. However, I was unable to do that due to our incredibly busy schedule. Another thing I've loved about the Fair is being able to attend concerts right in my back yard instead of having to drive over an hour to do so, and I look forward to the Fair every year because of it.
Name: Logan Hirsch 
Age: 19
College: Sam Houston State University 
Field of Study: Agricultural Engineering and Technology with a minor in Secondary Education 
Ever since 4th grade the county Fair has been a part of my life and ultimately led me to my life choice in Agriculture.
Name: Nathan Anders
Age: 18
Current School: Lamar Consolidated
College: Texas A&M University 
Field of Study: Poultry Science Major
The Fort Bend County Fair provided me an avenue to pursue my agricultural interests through raising broilers, roasters, and showing my heifer, and thanks to the generosity of the FBCF I will be able to pursue a degree in the AG industry.
Name:  Tucker Anthony Novosad
Age:  19 Years Old
College: Texas A&M University  
Field of Study:  Civil Engineering 
Howdy!  I feel blessed to have an organization like the FBCF believe in me and the other recipients to invest in our futures.  The amount of scholarships given is simply amazing! Being involved in 4-H and Fairs like FBCF helped shape my life so much that I continue the mission through Texas A&M Collegiate 4-H.  The Fair taught me about hard work, responsibility, sportsmanship and how important community service is. I started showing livestock at the Fair from the age of 9 and until I was 18 years old.  The Fair continues to demonstrate to the community its compassion by investing in the education of so many young adults. I thank the FBCF board of directors and volunteers for this scholarship which allows me to continue making my dreams come true of being an Aggie and one day a Civil Engineer. Gig 'em!
Name: Sheridan Reid
Age: 18
Current School: B.F. Terry High School
College: Wharton County Junior College  - transferring to Stephen F. Austin or Sam Houston State University 
Field of Study: Early Childhood Education 
Growing up at the Fort Bend County Fair the past 10 years have given me many memories and responsibilities that will carry for a lifetime.   `
Name: Aubrey Bilicek
Age: 18
Current School: Foster High School
College: Texas A&M University
Field of Study: Agribusiness 
I have been showing goats for the past 9 years at Fort Bend County Fair and at all the majors. I have also been part of the Junior Livestock Committee for 4 years. Every year I looked forward to the Fair and couldn't wait for it to come around so that I could compete in the market goat division. However, it wasn't just showing that I looked forward to. During my time as an exhibitor and as a Jr. committee member, I have learned leadership qualities, time management, responsibility, and many more life skills that I continue to use daily. I always cherished the moments where I could get involved with the Fair and learn something new. Not only did I learn life skills but I also made many friends during my time spent at the grounds. Most of the friends I now call family and will greatly miss when I move on to college. Yet the most important impact that the Fort Bend County Fair had on my life is learning that the winning isn't everything. It's not about the banner or the buckle, and the check you receive in the mail isn't going to last forever. It is the memories made and the bonds formed during the long nights and early mornings that have shaped me to become who I am today. I am going to greatly miss being an exhibitor at the Fort Bend County Fair and am very grateful for all of the opportunities that the Fair has brought my way. 
Name: Savana Jimenez 
Age: 18 
Current School: B.F. Terry High School 
College: University of Texas at Austin
Field of Study: Biology 
Growing up around animals and raising them has taught me to be a responsible person and to take this responsibility learned into the real world. With this scholarship, I will be able to take a load off my parents' back to help with my education expenses.
Name: Morgan Krauss
Age: 18
Current School: Needville High School
College: Texas A&M University 
Field of Study: Nursing
I was thrilled to see that I was one of the recipients of the Fort Bend County Fair Scholarship. I have been involved in volunteering with the Fair for a few years since we moved to Fort Bend 7 years ago.  I love being a part of a fun community event and volunteering my time with the Reunion Rodeo committee has been fantastic!  The talent and community spirit I have come to be a part of will always be a part of my history, and Fort Bend will always be home for me.  I look forward to coming back from the University every fall to enjoy the Fair!  Thank you to everyone involved in the process and congrats to all 2016 seniors!
Name: Shane Poncik
Age: 19 
Current School: Needville High School
College: Texas A&M University
Field of Study: Mechanical Engineering
Attending the Fort Bend County Fair has always been sort of a family tradition. I enjoy visiting the Fair to spend time with my friends and support them when they are showing. In high school, I participated in livestock judging at the Fair through my school's FFA program. Regarding the Fort Bend County Fair Scholarship, I am extremely honored to be selected as a recipient. I will use it to help finance my education at A&M.
Name: Caroline Briscoe
Age: 18
Current School: Needville High School
College: University of Texas at Austin
Field of Study: History 
I believe the Fort Bend County Fair is an extraordinary event that takes place each year. Primarily, due to the fact that I had the opportunity to show, I learned early on what the value of responsibility and hard work was. Secondly, I couldn't imagine a better county to grow up in other than Fort Bend County. Through the Fair, I was able to meet new friends all around our county. Furthermore, now that I am a grateful recipient of this scholarship, it will help with the financial burden of college. It was truly an honor to show for ten years at the Fair, and I plan on continuing to reciprocate the hard work and responsibility skills with my studies in college. I will forever be thankful for the donors of my scholarship.
Name: Nicole Jones 
Age: 19 
College: Blinn College 
Field of Study: Agriculture Science 
I showed animals all through high school at the Fort Bend County Fair and it impacted me more than I could ever imagine. I learned so much and met so many people from being at the Fair. Through showing animals I was able to earn a lot of money for college, and now I am receiving my second scholarship through the Fort Bend County Fair. I could not be more thankful for how much they have helped me grow as a person. 
Name: Lupita Nowak
Age: 18
Current School: George Ranch High School
College: Texas A&M University and Allied Health
The Fort Bend County Fair has always been right around the corner of my house, and it's always been a tradition for my family to go together each year. The Fair has brought so many memories of good times and fun, and on top of this, it's been a reminder of home. Every September when I drive home at night and see the fairgrounds lit up so beautifully, I know I've made it to home sweet home.
Name: Christopher Demny
Age: 18
Current School: Brazos High School
College: Southwestern University
Field of Study: Environmental Studies
By participating in the Fair and raising projects, I learned a lot of valuable lessons. For one, I learned to be responsible because if I didn't take care of my animals every day, they would die. I also learned how to work with others since I shared facilities with all my brothers. If I had not participated in the Fair growing up, I wouldn't have the same opportunities that I do now because I would not have learned to work hard and that got me to where I am today.
Name:  Cristian Monterroso
Current School: Foster High School
College:  Wharton County Junior College transferring to Texas A&M University
Field of Study: Associates in Nursing & Pursuing a Bachelor's in Nursing -Specializing in Neonatal Care
The Fort Bend County Fair has shown me what it means to be a part of a community.  I've shown animals at the Live Stock Show for several years and it's amazing to see how many people in our county support us.  Because I know firsthand what it feels like to be on the receiving end of such kindness and generosity, I welcome the opportunity to be on the giving end someday.
Name: Margo Warncke
Age: 18
Current School: Needville High School
College: Texas A&M University
Field of Study: Major English/ Minor Ag Communications
Receiving this scholarship will help tremendously with the cost of attendance at Texas A&M and helping to pay college expenses.
Name: Jordyn Nicole Myska
Age: 18 
Current School: Needville High School
College: Houston Baptist University 
Field of Study: Kinesiology in Athletic Training
The Fort Bend County Fair has made an amazing impact on my life during my numerous years of showing livestock. It has taught me that with a lot of hard work comes GREAT rewards. The numerous hours spent raising livestock has always been rewarding to me, but now that I’m entering the next stage of my life, the rewards will soon be paying off greatly. Choosing HBU as the University where I will continue my education is very exciting. With this being a private University it tends to be a little costlier but with my years of showing and making the sale, I have saved wisely and all the money earned from my projects will definitely be put to great use. Also, being a recipient of this scholarship was an added extra bonus. I could not have done it without the very generous supporters of the FBCF auctions and without my family and one very special man, Mr. Dwight Callis. I have learned through his guidance that everyone wants to be a winner, and as long as you do your best, you are a winner! I will continue on my journey in pursuing my degree. With great leaders, great things will happen and with God by my side ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE.
Name: Elizabeth Wacha
Age: 18
Current School: Clements High School
College: Texas Tech University
Field of Study:  Interdisciplinary Agriculture 
Showing animals, working our school's BBQ booth, and being involved with different events at the FBCF are some of my favorite high school memories. I will cherish the lessons I learned and the experiences I gained through raising my show animals and more, for the rest of my life. This scholarship will help allow me to further my education and follow my dreams!
Name: Dillon Gonzales
Age: 19
Current School: Wharton County Junior College
Field of Study: Manufacturing Engineering 
Fort Bend County Fair was a big part of my life when I was young from 4 years old and to who I am now. I always roped in the rodeo and always showed some kind of animal as I grew up! 
Name: Nicole Stevenson
School: Texas A&M University
Field of Study: Civil Engineering
The Fort Bend County Fair made me realize that I had a passion for animals, and that animals were always going to be in my life. If it weren't for the Fort Bend County Fair, I wouldn't have had my start with showing cattle, but they made it possible. It is because of the Fort Bend County Fair that I now have 7 head of cattle, and I know the Fort Bend County Fair will always have a place in my heart and dates saved on the Calendar.
Name: Aimee Chaelani
Age: 18
Current School: Foster High School
College: University of Texas at Austin; 
Field of Study: Chemical Engineering
Before moving out to the area, I used to live in Houston and had never been to a rodeo or Fair in my life. I marched in the Fair parade my freshman and sophomore year in band and visited the Fair afterward and realized how much fun it was! Ever since then, I have gone to the Fair several times both to volunteer and just explore. By receiving this scholarship, it helps me lower the out of pocket cost and loans taken out to pay for college, which will really help out a lot in the long run. I'd like to thank my parents for pushing me to get to where I am now and the Fair Association and Scholarship Foundation for this amazing opportunity!
Name: Caitlin Wesneski 
Current School: Needville High School 
College: Sam Houston State University 
Field of Study: Animal Science Major with a teacher certification 
Agriculture runs deep in my family roots. I grew up watching my sisters show animals at the Fort Bend County Fair and Needville Youth Fair, and always wanted to be like my big sisters. As soon as I was old enough to walk in the ring, I did. I have shown at the Fort Bend County Fair since 3rd grade and have just finished my senior year showing at the Fort Bend County Fair in September of 2015. The lifelong friendships I have made through showing livestock at the Fort Bend County Fair has impacted my life the most growing up. I'm blessed to be able to receive the scholarship that will help me further my education.
Congratulations to all the Scholarship Recipients!


Through The Years
A Look At 80

This year we celebrate 80 years of the Fort Bend County Fair.  This section will highlight a few of the memories made through the years.

On September 29, 2013, Tejano icon, Emilio Navaira, was on a comeback tour headlining our Fair’s Go Tejano Day festivities. Hit after hit, Emilio entertained the crowd with his charm, smile, and electric stage presence. He spoiled the crowd with a very long performance, but unnerved the Fair’s Entertainment Committee with a right-at-showtime arrival on the Fairgrounds. He admitted he was glued to the TV on the tour bus watching his favorite team, the Dallas Cowboys playing Sunday night football. 

Navaira had survived a devastating tour bus accident in March of 2008. Doctors were not certain he would survive his injuries. But he survived and returned to the spotlight of Tejano Music. 
Last week, at the age of 53, Navaira, according to officials, died of a heart attack at his New Braunfels home. Thank you, Emilio, for the memories and the music. 
Tipping Our Hats to 80 Years!
If you have a memory to share send to



Boots & Buckles on the Bay
Fishing, Fun and Family

The fish were biting and the lines were tight for the Boot & Buckles on the Bay 3rd Annual fishing tournament. The waters were calm and the sun shined on the 26 Teams who were vying for the overall grand champion title. The team, “Got Tail” earned bragging rights by hauling in the right box of fish.  Kyle Koudela captained the 4-man team with anglers: Travis Coroporn, Trent May, and Cole Rickaway.  

FBCFA Board of Directors, Ernest Lawson (L) and Brian Graeber (R) flank
members of winning fishing team, "Got Tail" complete with honorary Jr. Member

The win did not come easy reveals Koudela, “It was completely opposite of what we planned. We caught red fish in our trout spot and a flounder in our red fish spot.” Koudela is a new father of a bright eyed baby boy and shared this about the tournament, “It is a really good deal. Especially anything you do for the kids, 4-H or FFA, it's all for a good cause.”

Next year’s Boots and Buckles on the Bay is already set for Saturday, May 13, 2017. 


Save the Date...

The 80th annual FBCFA  is set to run...

September 23rd – October 2nd

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Livestock Corner

  • Goat Tag-In  - Saturday, July 9, 2016
  • Lamb Tag-In - Saturday, July 9, 2016
  • Swine Tag-in - Saturday, July 9, 2016

Thanks to everyone that participated in the recent
Heifer Tag-In, we had another successful event.


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